The Ugly in Others

How do you react when someone is “not so nice” to you? Perhaps, they “got up on the wrong side of the bed!” or perhaps, it “rained on their parade” today? (It definitely soaked us here in Southeast Missouri today!) Or have you ever met one of those people that everyone seems to make excuses for – “Well, you know So and So – that’s just how they are!” Does that really excuse someone for their bad behavior? Or does the hair on the back of your neck start standing up and you can’t wait to retaliate?

My friends, a Christian must not let the ugly in others, kill the beauty in you. You must remember that you alone are responsible for your actions and reactions. You are a child of God – act like it! When you respond to “ugly” with “ugly,” then, you are no better than they are. Will you ever have a Christian influence on that person in the future? their family or friends? or even someone who was close by and saw or heard what happened? Sadly, the answer is: No! You’ve basically “blown it.”

But, if you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at – change! You don’t know what happened to that person today or what they are dealing with in their personal lives, but your responsibility is to let the “beauty of Jesus be seen in you.” Praying for that person is definitely the first step. I’ll have to admit, there are many times when I just have to “shake my head,” and quietly say, “Bless their hearts!” But, you know, kindness truly is “catching.” If you react with kindness, it will make a difference – if not on others, then it will definitely make a difference in you. Remember – you alone are responsible for how YOU act. May you, like Jesus, be moved with compassion and always be kind. Simply blessed, Courtney

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  1. Very well said!!

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