Momma Said . . . (Part 3)

Were you a picky eater? Well, as you can tell by looking at me – I haven’t met too many foods I don’t like. But, I believe all that at one time or another, all Mommas have said, “You better drink that milk or you won’t be strong!” or how about “You eat those carrots or you’ll go blind!” or my favorite- “You better clean your plate! Do you know how many kids there are in ___ that would give anything to have that broccoli!” Of course, a child’s reply is: “Well, then send it to them!”

Today, parents are more concerned as to whether their child is a little pudgy than rather they’re a member of the “Clean Plate Club!” Aiden eats good at Gammy’s house. Then, again, Gammy fixes stuff that he likes! At the same time, we’re trying to teach him that we shouldn’t waste food. You shouldn’t take more than you’re going to eat. You shouldn’t take more than you’re going to use.

You know, that’s a good lesson for all of us. Have we become greedy – trying to get all we can whether we need it or not? When the children of Israel gathered more manna than they needed for just one day, it bred worms and stank (Exodus 16). God wanted them to depend on Him for their “daily bread.” Do you have faith that God will take care of you?

As for our house this week, let’s just say that Buddy, the dog was more than happy to eat the leftover “pig in the blanket!” God Bless, Courtney

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