Got To Stand For Something. . .

Last Sunday was the first time in over a year that the Doniphan Church of Christ family, met all together to worship. Since the “pandemic” started last year, we’ve streamed services online, we’ve had two Sunday morning services, and we have started, stopped, and now started again our Wednesday night Bible classes. Many people have gotten used to “worshiping” at home on Sunday mornings. It’s going to be difficult for some to get back in the habit of assembling with the saints when the church comes together. But I believe that coming to services and taking a seat is actually taking a stand for the Lord.

I once overheard a dear Christian sister, who was extremely hard of hearing, explain that she couldn’t hear much, if any of the sermon preached from the pulpit. When asked, “Why do you come if you can’t hear anything?” She replied, “I want to make sure that the devil knows whose side I’m on!” I love that answer. Taking the time to prepare, to get dressed up, and participate in worship tells God and others about your priorities. What lessons are you teaching your children, your friends, and your neighbors when you eat out in restaurants, shop at Walmart, and basically go and do whatever you want to do – except when it comes to assembling with the saints on the Lord’s Day? Our children have missed a year of participating in Bible classes – have you had an “age-appropriate” lesson with your child each week?

By going to services and taking a seat, you are showing God and others, that you are willing to take a stand for the Lord. See you at Bible class Wednesday night! Simply blessed, Courtney

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