The Adventures of Russell Have Begun!

A few weeks back, we took Aiden with us to Tennessee to see GrandMama (aka Frances Ann Harris Russell). She had gotten him a special Christmas present – a HUGE plastic dinosaur. He loved it! It was so big that we had to let air out of it to even get it in the car! Anyway, we brought him home, blew him up, and named him Russell in honor of Mr. Darrel and GrandMama. That night, Aiden said, “Gammy, I don’t know what to do. If I leave Russell here – YOU’LL PUT JEWELRY ON HIM! But, if I take him home, with the little dogs on the house, they’ll probably poke a hole in him.” Plus – he has no room for a three to four foot dinosaur in his room! So, he decided to leave him with me.

So naturally, I HAD to take him downstairs and put jewelry on him!

The Adventures of Russell – Checking out Park Lane

A few days later, Aiden asked how Russell was doing, and since it was raining, I told him that Russell was working out to stay in shape.

The Adventures of Russell – Working Out to Stay in Shape

Since then, Russell has taken on a life of his own! I try to let him do things that Aiden likes to do. He’s checked for eggs, taken a nap on the couch, and checked the mail. He’s even washed dishes. If you’d like to keep up with “The Adventures of Russell,” follow him on Facebook at:

Isn’t life full of surprises? Simply blessed, Courtney

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