From Duty to Desire

Wow! Steve and I went to Walmart yesterday. Let me tell ya – we can’t do that again for a while! I was shocked by how little we got for how much we spent. It had been a while since we’d “gone real shopping,” and I expected to “feel the pinch” of higher prices, but I felt “sucker punched” when we walked out of there. Nope, we’re going to have to “make do.” I think we’re all about to find out why our grandmothers saved aluminum foil and reused it over and over! We’ve been spoiled, haven’t we? So, what do you do when the “going gets rough?”

Things are not just going to be tough on us financially, but those who hold Christian morals and values have a fight ahead. I am shocked at what is “accepted” and even deemed “good and right” in today’s society. When I was growing up, “everybody” went to church somewhere. Now, ballgames are scheduled on Wednesday nights, those who pray publicly are ridiculed, and the home is more of a place to “sleep and play games,” instead of a place to belong and interact with loved ones. Whatever happened to that family that prays together? Even those “raised in the church,” can be found on the river on the Lord’s Day. Friends, God didn’t say that the Christian life would be easy. He did say that it would be worth it! It may mean that we can’t do what others are doing. But, by doing our duty, desire will come, and that’s what God wants. He wants us to “want to” obey Him – for us to do what needs to be done, not because we “have to,” but because we want to do so.

I believe these hard times will have an impact on us from now on. We’ll think twice before making that extra trip to town – just for ice cream that we really don’t need anyway! It’s time to get our priorities straight. What’s important to you? That’s what you’ll spend your hard earned money and precious time on. May you move from duty to desire, Simply blessed, Courtney

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  1. Stephanie R Kennon June 18, 2022 — 9:50 am

    This hit home today. JP and I were just talking about how sad the lack of observance of the Lord’s Day has become. Here in San Antonio they schedule games and sports on Sunday mornings. On our way to Church every Sunday we pass by packed sports fields with young kids. I know it’s a big city and there are many cultures that observe in different ways, but the Sunday sports and activities involve “Christian’s” as well. The churches accommodate by having later services, and just like that the Sabbath is no longer a day of rest, reverence, and reflection.

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