A Spark

I don’t know about you, but I’m longing for those crisp cool nights when we gather around a bonfire and roast hotdogs. It won’t be long! There is something so mesmerizing about staring into a fire, watching the embers change colors – ebb and flow. But often, an ember find itself on the edge, and before you know it, it’s cut off from the rest of the fire. Without fuel, it slowly fades away, and it soon goes out all together.

This also happens in the church. When we are faithfully joining with our church family in worship and praise on a regular basis, we shine brightly. We’re “on fire,” so to speak. But what happens if we stop going to Wednesday night services. We’ve all heard the saying that “Seven days without Christ makes one WEAK!, but that’s not going to happen to me. Right?” But then, it does. . . We came in late and didn’t hear the announcements, so we didn’t know about the potluck and we never “stay,” if we didn’t bring something, even though there is always plenty of food for all. But. . . We’re slowly moving towards the edge of the fire. Whose fault is it? Well, we are ultimately responsible for our own actions, but caring members of the our church family should notice when one of their members is missing and reach out to bring them back into the fold. If we step too far out and stay, it’s a sad fact that most likely, we’ll shrivel up and die like that cold ember.

But the beautiful thing about fire is – it only takes a “spark” to get that fire burning brightly once again. Can you be the “spark” to bring someone back into the fold? Simply blessed, Courtney

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