The Great

Alexander, the Great, Catherine, the Great, Frederick, the Great . . . Would you consider yourself to be “great?” What makes these people “great” in the eyes of others? What do they all have in common? Would others consider you a “great one?” I’ve been thinking of a statement that I read not long ago. It said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!” Don’t you love that? Do you have something that you know that you need to do, but you keep putting off getting started?

Why is it so hard to get started? Some may put it off because they know that the way won’t be easy. It may require sacrifices – things that you’re not convinced that you want to give up. Perhaps, you’re not convinced that you will be successful – you know, you’ve tried before and it didn’t work. Or maybe you fear what others will say or think about you if they find out that you didn’t succeed. I’m sure there are many excuses that you could give for never starting, but if you never try, it’s a guarantee that you won’t be successful.

Do you want to be a better Bible student? It’s time to start studying. Do you want your prayer life to improve? It’s time to hit your knees. Would you like to lead others to Christ? There are many wonderful personal evangelism courses that you can take, like the Fishers of Men course. Do you want you congregation to be friendlier? Then, set that alarm in the morning, and be at services to welcome those who might be visiting. You don’t have to be great to start living the Christian life, but you do have to start. What are you waiting for? Simply blessed, Courtney

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  1. Great ideas!!

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