We’ve Only Just Begun

Hello, my Friends! We’ve had quite a bit of excitement in our family this week. Yesterday, my Mother got married! Now, before you ask – Yes, they are both over age 18! In fact, flip those numbers and they’re even looking at age 81 in the rear view mirror! But, y’all, it was so sweet. I was honored to witness them pledging to be there for each other “as long as we both shall live.” While most people their age have resigned themselves to “I’ve lived a good long life – I’m done,” they stepped up and said, “We’ve only just begun!”

You know, many people “give up” on serving the Lord. We have a tendency to think, “I can’t do that!” “I’m not as young as I once was.” “I taught Bible class for years – it’s time for the ‘young ones’ to step up.” But, when does our responsibility to serve God end? I believe it’s like the example of an airplane – you stop – you drop! Friends, we can never stop working for the Lord. We never get “too old!” We must be “faithful until death,” if we want to receive that “crown of life” (Revelations 2:10b).

You might not be physically able to “go unto all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15), but I bet you can sign a card, make a phone call, or just text or private message someone to let them know that you’re thinking of them or that you prayed for them today. Do others consider you to “know your Bible?” If not – why not? Are you using the time that you have to study His Word and be a positive influence on those around you? Jesus gave a great compliment to the woman who broke the alabaster box and anointed Him with expensive ointment of spikenard. This ointment cost more than 300 pence (Mark 14:5), which was more than a man’s yearly wages at that time, but Jesus recognized, “She hath done what she could” (Mark 14:8)

Can the same be said about us? Are we doing what we can – while we can? Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. We’ve only just begun! Congratulations, Darrel and Mother! Simply blessed, Courtney

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3 thoughts on “We’ve Only Just Begun

  1. Congratulations and may they continue to be blessed. How beautiful this writing was Courtney. Thank you

  2. Linda SuAnn Boyer May 17, 2022 — 10:28 am

    Thank you, Courtney, and Congratulations to Aunt Francis Ann.

  3. Oh this is so sweet regarding your momma and it yet gives me hope…😍. But more importantly, you are sooo right! There is no age limit or expiration to our time of serving God or others for that matter! Guess the answer for me is as long as I have breathe in my body!

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