“A Taste of Heaven”

I woke up this morning thinking about how thankful I am to be a Christian and a member of the Doniphan Church of Christ. Yesterday was a wonderful Lord’s Day! I received so many blessings from worshiping with my church family.

First, I got to teach Ladies’ Class. We have such a close group. We always start class by going over the prayer list, discussing the needs of each person, for how can we help if we don’t know the need? Then, I always lead the first verse of a hymn. There’s something about raising our voices together in praise that changes “individuals” into a “group.” After the prayer, our lesson was on the Scripture Writing Schedule “Why Am I Here? (5.8). We studied many verses as to what our mission on this earth should be, including Solomon’s “Conclusion of the whole matter – Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man” (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

After class and again last night, worshiping with my church family was so wonderful. The singing was beautiful, and the prayers were encouraging. We had a short thought provoking reading before partaking of the Lord’s Supper to help draw our thoughts to His amazing sacrifice for our sins, and Steve “outdid himself,” (but shhhh. . . don’t want him to get a “big head!” lol) for his lessons were so good. I especially enjoyed the one about the “Rich Young Ruler” who “ran” to Jesus, only to go away sorrowfully, for he was not willing to “sell what he had to give to the poor and follow Jesus” (Mark 10:22). When the services were over, the laughing, visiting, and hugging began! It’s a “family reunion” every week! I LOVE IT!

Then, there are a few of us that go to McDonalds or Captain D’s afterwards for another hour of fellowship. I don’t even think I ate anything – just got a large sweet tea, but then, I didn’t go for the food, I went for the fun! You know, I feel sorry for those who didn’t worship with us yesterday, for I got a small “taste of heaven.” I can’t wait until next Sunday! Simply blessed, Courtney

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