“Fall and winter are coming – I need new clothes.” “I wore these shoes last year – it’s time to get new ones.” “I know that we’ve got a freezer full of food, but I can’t find a thing to eat! It’s time to go shopping!” How many of you have said similar things? We live in a very materialistic society, and we are bombarded on TV and the internet with pictures and ads trying to entice us to go out and buy something else, whether we have the money or not. The credit card industry is booming with six out of ten Americans having credit card debt. Let’s face it – we don’t like to do without. Maybe it’s because we been told often enough and now we believe that “we’re worth it.”

I bought a sign last month from “M & M Creations” that I just love. Here it is:

Think about it. Do you truly need new clothes? shoes? or to stop off and pick up fast food for supper? When we exhibit the attitude of gratitude, then what we have is enough. Paul learned this lesson for he said in Philippians 4:11, “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” When Paul wrote these words, he was literally in prison, chained to two Roman guards. Most people would be frantic in despair to live 24 hours a day in chains, but Paul felt that he had a captive audience with those guards and taught all those who came unto him in the two years that he was under house arrest (Acts 28:30-31) He may not have had his freedom, but it was enough that he was able to continue to teach others about Christ.

Have you counted your blessings lately? We are truly simply blessed, Courtney

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