Not as easy as you think…

So, starting a blog is HARD!  It takes a while to learn what to click to do what!  I actually felt sorry for the support person who got stuck helping me today, but oh how I appreciate him!   I have so many ideas, but getting them from my head to the computer screen is not quite as easy as you’d think!

I so want to make this blog a place for friends to come and visit.  I’ve started adding recipes to that section.  So far – I’ve got my ‘stand-by’ Broccoli and Rice Casserole and with Christmas coming, I’ve added the delicious hot Pineapple and Cheese Casserole that goes perfect with a Christmas ham.  Hope you enjoy them!  More will be coming.

Are you ready for Christmas?  It’s officially December!  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a “Christmas NUT!”  I love this time of year!  I’ve collected Santas all of my adult life, and needless to say, my living room looks like Santa Land!  All of my pictures have been taken down and replaced by pictures of Santa.  I have 150+ Santas which I lovingly put out each year. People think I’m crazy!  Why do I take so much time and work so hard to decorate for Christmas?  Of course, I love it that Aiden, my four year old grandson is enchanted by all of it, and said, “I love your house, Gammy!”, but the real reason is that:  every time I walk in the room, I smile!  Seeing my tree with so many ornaments on it that you actually have to look hard to see any greenery – brings me such joy because I can tell you when, where, or who gave me almost every ornament.  They are all precious memories.  Steve and I have a ball shaped ornament for every year of our marriage.  I have ornaments from my Memom’s tree, my parent’s trees, a special box given to me by Mrs. Vida Bridges years ago, and a collection of unique Santa ornaments that I’ve gathered over the years. Of course, the handmade ornaments that the girls made in school are my favorites.  I’ve also treasure the special handmade ones from dear church members who know me so well.  I always say that you can’t have too many Santas or too many ornaments!  Well – I’m getting close to 500 ornaments – so………..we’ll see!  Happy December 1st!

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  1. Excited to read your posts! Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 🎅

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