It’s a Lovely Day!

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone! It’s the day that Hallmark and florists LOVE! I find it interesting that this is such a “big day” for some folks. There have been deliveries of huge rose bouquets here at work – so beautiful!

Steve and I have never really “done” anything special on February 14th. I mean we have been known to pick out a mushy card, show it to each other, and then, put it back on the shelf. Aren’t we romantic?

I do like to send Valentines! Last year, I probably mailed over 50 cards – this year- none. With Steve in the hospital last weekend, and me starting a new job this week, it’s been a little crazy around my house! Sorry, folks! I do hope you all have a great day!

For those who are spending this day alone, please, know that it doesn’t mean you’re not loved! It’s so wonderful to know that the love of God is always with us, and He will never leave nor forsake us. You are loved! Happy Valentines Day! God bless, Courtney

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