Oh, What A Day!

Have you had one of “those” days lately? I had to go back to Cape Girardeau today for Day 2 of training. I got up early – I hoped to pick up some breakfast along the way. Got in the car – the low tire light came on! No time to fool with that. I ran back in the house, woke Steve up, and asked if his truck had any gas. The answer – “a little.” At least I made it to the Bluff before I had to stop for gas!

Then, the rain came! Boy, did it rain! But – I saw the most beautiful rainbow! It made it all worth while. I was able to get to the training on time, and I had a smile on my face when I got there. God is so good!

Now, on the way home – it was WINDY! It was intense driving – trying to keep it between the lines, especially while going over an overpass. My hands hurt when I got home from clenching the steering wheel for so long. But the sun was shining! I made it!

It dawned on me that it had been quite a day! I’d driven in the dark and in the light. I had driven in the sunshine and in thunderstorms. I drove in the calm and in the wind. Yes, the Lord was with me all the way. God Bless, Courtney

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