For the past month or so, everyone has been caught up in the “spirit of Christmas.” We’ve been to parties with dear friends, and we’ve reached out to those in need. We experienced great joy when we opened Christmas cards and renewed friendships from long ago. On Christmas morning, many of you heard the squeals of children when they saw that Santa came. Oh, the excitement! Packages were open – paper thrown everywhere and boxes tossed. Perhaps, you were the lucky one (as I was) to cook Christmas Dinner. Everything turned out delicious! Boy, did those rolls rise!

While it is going on, Christmas is pure bliss. But – then you wake up the next day to the “Christmas Day of Mess!” I walked in the living room this morning to boxes, wrapping paper, and gifts piled everywhere. I had to move things to sit down. My kitchen table was being held up by the left-over decorated sugar cookies, two tins of Crock Pot candy, three almost all gone containers of Chex Mix, and two half-eaten pies. The counters and sink were covered. Somehow, at sometime, I had gotten a load of dishes done because the dishwasher was overloaded with clean dishes! Yay! I literally was down to one fork left in the drawer! Emptying the dishwasher was the first priority.

Yes, if you have ever hosted Christmas at your house, then you know what I’m talking about. While Christmas Day is all bliss and glory, the day after is often another story. Taking down Christmas decorations is not nearly as much fun as putting them out. I was asked this morning, if I was going to take down the tree today. Are you kidding? I’ve got to make a path to get to the tree before I even think about taking it down..

No, today I’m giving myself a much needed and very important gift! I’m giving myself a day of rest to enjoy the Christmas MESS!. Yes, there are boxes that need to be put up, sacks of wrapping paper that need to be put in the garbage. There is a gorgeous tree with 400+ ornaments on it – just waiting to be taken down. I could start work cleaning up the Christmas Mess today, but instead, I think I’ll give my body a chance to rest. I’ll give my mind a change to “relive” the precious moments of the week which was so busy. In the scheme of life, does it really matter if my Christmas “stuff” is put up today?

So, if you happened to stop by my house today, you’d find me in my new Christmas pajamas, snuggling with Sophie (the dog) in the recliner, watching the lights on the tree (when I haven’t dozed off.) There will be no cooking done in my house today – so far, I’ve had two decorated sugar cookies for breakfast, and a piece of pecan pie for lunch! Supper will consist of “seek and find.” Whatever you find in the fridge that you want, it’s yours!

You’ve done such a good job this month. I hope that all of you give yourselves a day or two to “recover” from Christmas and embrace the Christmas Day of Mess! God Bless, Courtney

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  1. I totally followed that plan also!

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