I woke up this morning back in the land of the living! Yay! I wouldn’t wish that lovely stomach bug on ANYONE! But, along with feeling better came the “fun” tasks that had been put off all week. I had boxed, bagged, and “canned” (popcorn tins, of course) all of my Christmas decorations. They were stacked waist-high in my hall, waiting. . . . Yes, just waiting…..For SOMEONE to take them downstairs.

This morning when I ran into them, once again, I knew that the time had come. I WAS THE SOMEONE! It was time to hit the stairs – literally. While I’m so blessed to have a downstairs in my house, I HATE THE STAIRS! I didn’t like stairs even before I had bilateral knee replacement in 2010. So, I’ve hunted high and low for “hiding places” for my Christmas decorations upstairs. We’ve cleaned out the video closet – it’s now full with storage tubs stacked almost to the ceiling. I’ve got Santa pictures hung in closets and ornament trays stuck under beds – See, I’ve really TRIED to avoid this day, but, alas, the day had come. I slowly made my way down, and slowly climbed back up, each time thinking how “this is getting me in shape for the cruise!” Yeah, right!

At least, my hall is clean and the deed is done! Wait…….I forgot the garland on the front porch! God Bless, Courtney

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  1. I love your blog! So often it feels like you’ve read my mind!

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